How to buy/ How to get a JIO Sim (Reliance) For Free

About Jio Sim
Now we hear about the sim Jio is launched in Himachal. Now it's avail in all states also in Kerala. If you want Jio sim then go and buy a phone LYF mobile and now also available for other phone likes samsung, asus etc..

How to buy or How to get ?

Method 1 (simple method)
If you want a Jio sim then go and buy a LYF mobile that developed buy Reliance.

Method 2
Now this sim available for other phone like samsung asus etc.
If you have any smart phone then why your waiting for ?

1. First you go Jio partner official website to check your mobile is eligible for buy a Jio sim
2. If your eligible for buy it then Go to Play Store
3. Then Install 'My Jio' application
4. Then enable your data connection
5. After open it.
6. When you open it with enable your data connection you can see 'Get Jio sim ' option
7. Click Get Jio Sim
8. After you can see a new window for registration
9. Here type your name and mobile number
10. After submit you can get a One Time password
11. Type one time password and generate your barcode
12. Click next button two times you will get your coupon code
13. Then go to a shop with this barcode/coupon code
14. Done..

Tips For Backup And Restore Windows 8.1 - Backup Of Windows 8.1 2016

Backup And Restore Windows 8.1
How to recover backup files without use of any third party software.

First step scan your system for virus. Remove your old system restore points. After remove your old system restore point go to My Computer and click right mouse button and select Properties then click System protection

System Drive - Click on the configure option

After create new system point with use of creation option

Control Panel - File History - System Image Backup

When you click 'System Image Backup' you can see a new window, it's name is 'looking for backup device'

Then where you want to save the backup file, select the location and click 'Start Backup Button'

Updated On - 10/05/2016
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5 Way To Recover Damaged Pendrive 2016 Tips - USB Damaged Recovery Data

Now many people use USB Device (Pen Drive & SD Card) for their usage. Sometimes it's not working for our usage. But you don't worry about that..

5 Way To Recover Damaged USB

1. If it's not working with your system, please remove and connect to another system to check it is a workable USB drive. Sometimes our system USB Port/ Our Card Reader not work well, that's why our Pen drive/SD Card not work with our system.

2. Connect the damaged USB Device to your system USB port. (Step by Step)

a.Click right mouse button on the Removable Disc after open My Computer. 
b.Select the properties option and click the tool tabs.
c.Click check now button
d.Automatically fix file system errors, Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sector select these box  and click start. After resolve all small problems of your Pen Drive.

3. Change the drive letter. After you connect the USB change the drive letter (A,B,C,D) when show the installation message of removal disc. It can't find any path for it, that's why it show this message.
You can change your drive letter and path in use of Disk Management

4. Sometime get errors in your pendrive because of driver error. 

Then you do reinstall driver. (step by step)
a.Right click on the My Computer
b.Click the manage option
c.Select Device Manager
d.Double click on the Disk Drive
e.Click on the Pen Drive name
f.Do uninstall
g.After done it all, please restart your PC and connect Pen Drive again

5. Use CMD

You can format your damaged USB Device with the help of CMD
How you can do this ? (step by step)
a.Connect the Pen Drive
b.Click the CMD from start menu
c.After you got a new window there you can type commands.
d.Here you type 'diskpart' and click enter
e.You can see all storage device after you type list disk on CMD
f.Select disk and type number of disk (don't type wrongly)
g.Type 'clean' and enter.
h.Type 'create partition primary' and enter.
i.Type 'Active'
j.Type 'select partition '
k.Type format fs=fat32 after you can see USB Drive has done the format part..

Updated On - 06/05/2016 
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Freedom251 Smart Phone Vs Other Smart Phone 2016 - Freedom251 Rreview

Don't waste your time for this Phone - Freedom251

Freedom251 is a new smart phone which is developed for low class people. Freedom251 was launched in New Delhi on wednesday. It's a low prize smart phone, Freedom251 have only 251 Rs/-, It's a cheapest mobile in the world.

Freedom251 Vs Samsung Z1
Prize - 251/- | 4299/- (prize updated feb 21,2016)
Display - 4 Inch qHD IPS Display | 4 Inch PLS TFT Touchscreen
Camera - Rear 3.2 Front 0.3 | Rear 3.1 Front 0.3
OS - Android Lollipop 5.1 | Tizen v2.3 OS (new os)
Processor - 1.3GHz, quad core | 1.2GHz, dual core
Internal Memory - 8GB | 4GB
3G - Yes | Yes
Flash - No | No
Wi-Fi - Yes | Yes
Warranty - 1 Year | 1 Year
Battery - 1450 mAh | 1500 mAh
Freedom251 is better than Samsung Z1. Because we got many features from Freedom251 more than Samsung Z1.
User Review About Samsung Z1 (Help Full 2 Reviews)
1.Good phone for 4000 - He said it's a good phone for him. And it's a latest OS tizen it's also good. He happy to use Z1. by Ram
2.Best smart phone under 6000 - He said it's touch smooth and also speed, nice look, good camera, good display, but it's OS have less application and cannot run heavy applications. by Sehaj

Freedom251 Vs Panasonic T33
Prize - 251/- | 3600/- (prize updated feb 21,2016)
Display - 4 Inch qHD IPS Display | 4 Inch Display
Camera - Rear 3.2 Front 0.3 | Rear 3 Front No
OS - Android Lollipop 5.1 | Android KitKat 4.4
Processor - 1.3GHz, quad core | 1.2GHz, single core
Internal Memory - 8GB | 512MB
RAM - 1GB | 512MB
3G - Yes | Yes
Flash - No | No
Wi-Fi - Yes | Yes
Warranty - 1 Year | 1 Year
Battery - 1450mAh | 1500mAh
Freedom251 is a better phone from Panasonic T33. Panasonic T33 3600/- prize with low quality but Freedom251 have only 251/- prize and it has more features from Panasonic T33.
User Review About Panasonic T33 (Help Full 3 Reviews)
1.Cheap and good but not best - He said it's a good smart phone with decent configuration but it can't compare with a smartphone of Samsung, we can used as a general purpose smartphone. by Rishi
2.Not great but good - He said value for money but don't expect more about this phone.It work fine. by Pravin
3.Good and simple - She said the Panasonic T33 good and simple. Good colour with different combination better than Samsung. by Arifa

Write Your Review Here About Freedom251

Last Update - 21/04/2016

Android Anti Virus application for your protection 2016 waytotricks

AVG (Antivirus Free Security Scan)
AVG is an antivirus which is used in our computer and mobile. Now many users use this mobile security for their safety. Because day by day increasing malware on mobile phones.

Features Of AVG
* Scan all files.
* Remove malicious content (files).
* Protected from phishing so you can use the internet safely.
* Safe web browsing.

360 Security (Antivirus For Android Mobile)
360 Security is a best mobile antivirus forever. 200 million people used this mobile antivirus. Keeping your mobile phone safe from virus and any other malicious content.

Features Of 360 Security
* Scan all content on your phone.
* It's helped to clean junk files. (Clean Junk Files).
* You can boost your phone memory with 360 Security.
* Also, you can save your power with 360 Security.
* Always protect your mobile device.

Avast (Mobile Security And  Antivirus)
Avast is an antivirus application for mobile and PC. This is a top rated antivirus in the world. This antivirus people also used in their computers. It's a free mobile antivirus application for all mobile users. Keeping your mobile safe from virus.

Features Of Avast
* Automatic scanning.
* Check all files on your mobile.
* We can lock application (premium feature).
* Password check option (premium feature).

Dr Web (Antivirus for Mobile)
This is an antivirus which is provided only for mobile phone users. Buy it's premium version for all features.

Features Of Dr Web
* Scan full file system of your mobile.
* Protect our SD card from malicious content.

Avira (Mobile Antivirus Security)
Avira is a good antivirus for our PC also this antivirus working for mobiles. It's help to secure your device from virus. Then you can browse internet safely.

Features Of Avira
* Automatically scan (scan all content)
* When you use internet for shopping or online banking it's secure your private datas

Updated on - 03/01/2016
Last updated on - 05/01/2016

How to use WhatsApp on computer with Bluestacks

Anyone can use WhatsApp but one thing we need Mobile or Computer for this...

WhatsApp is mobile messenger for contact your friends with data charge. Here you can send messages, videos and images to your friends and family. Then here is a difficult from other social network and messenger, you know WhatsApp registration is only for smart phone users but now we tells you can use WhatsApp application on your PC or MAC.

Now here we explain about WhatsApp use on the computer. Here we can use WhatsApp without mobile phone.

You don't have an android mobile. don't worry you can use whatsapp with your personal computer.

So, to use, first you download a windows software it's called bluestack

About Bluestack
This software is helping to work Android application on your Personal Computer. And you can use this software like an Android smart phone, but one thing, we cannot call anyone from this application because this application doesn't allow this feature.

Installation of bluestack step by step
1. Download bluestacks from there official website (search blustack in Google Search Engine)
2. After download double click on that software and install it.
3. After finish. Open it.. Done !!

How to install Android Application ?
Two method to install androind application to bluestacks first one is sync option other one is manual option.

You can sync with your android device.
You can download android application from Google store manually.

How to install manually ?
1. Click the search option and type any application name and search
2. After you got any application from the search result
3. Click the install button.
4. That will be go to the login option
5. If you have any google account type there your account details (username and password)
6. If you don't have any google account create new one
7. After create. You can download any apps from Google Play Store to Bluestacks

How to enable WhatsApp voice calling feature

WhatsApp is an application for chat with your contact friends.It's like a social messenger. Easily you can connect with your friends in this application. Its method is text to others so it's very easy.

WhatsApp Calling Feature
Voice calling is a new feature of WhatsApp application. it's help to call all whatsapp users without call charge. This feature only available in the latest whatsapp version 2.12.16. WhatsApp was the first mobile chat application which was limited to the smartphone with a mobile number. WhatsApp had already many facilities like media share. voice record share, and more and now also they add a new feature for call whatsapp to whatsapp. Now you can active this facility on your mobile phone. But onething now it's only available for the Android Platform. Wait for other platforms(windows).

How to active WhatsApp voice calling on your Android mobile ?
1. First you download the latest version of whatsapp (2.12.16)
2. Once you download it. install thats to your phone
3. Then you go to the contacts and find friends who has active this facility on their phone. If anyone active this facility you can contact him without mobile charge this facility use only data charge

How to active WhatsApp voice calling on your Windows Phone ?
Download latest version of WhatsApp Or Update.

How to update WhatsApp ?
We have 2 method available, for update android phone.

First Method
1. Open whatsapp and go to settings
2. You can see there a update option
3. Click it and update.

Second Method
1. First you uninstall your old version
2. Download a the new version of whatsapp from their official website
3. Install it. that's enough.

Last update - 08/05/2016

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